5 Reasons Why Blinds Are Better Than Curtains

Blinds offer many advantages over curtains, making them an ideal option for window covering and home decoration. As well as providing more choice in terms of the various kinds of blinds available, window blinds are excellent in terms of customisation choices, and the ease by which they can be maintained. Moreover, blinds afford opportunities for experimentation with style and decoration, and also free up valuable light and space within the home. More on these strengths can be found below:

1. More Choice

More Choice
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Blinds generally provide much more choice than hanging curtains, and can be picked up in a range of different styles. The most common types of blinds include roller blinds, which represent a single piece of fabric hanging from a rail, wooden horizontal Venetian blinds, Roman blinds made from heavier and pleated fabrics, and vertical PVC or metallic blinds. These blinds represent the core options that you typically find when looking for window dressings, and can include multiple ranges and specialist options, such as the web Blinds venetian range.

2. More Customisation Choices

More Customisation Choices
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Compared to curtains, blinds offer some more specific customisation choices in terms of measurement and fitting, and are easier to tailor to a particular window space. For example, blinds can be measured to fit perfectly over the mount of a window, giving much more control over the amount of light that passes through it. Blackout blinds can also be used as a complete covering for a window space, and work well to block out light for children’s bedrooms.

3. Easier to Maintain

Easier to Maintain
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Curtains tend to absorb a lot of dust and smoke over time, and can be a significant challenge to clean. By contrast, blinds are much easier to maintain, and particularly in the case of PVC blinds. These can be wiped down on a regular basis without having to remove them from a window, and are lightweight enough to be cleaned in a few minutes. Moreover, many types of blinds are made from materials that are naturally resistant to dust and grime. These blinds include honeycomb, which is also good for the environment as a recycled material.

4. Style and Decoration

Style and Decoration
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In terms of developing an overall decoration scheme for the home, blinds can provide more options for style and tailoring to particular spaces. The ease by which blinds can be adjusted to control light means that it is possible to set a specific mood for different rooms. Colour schemes can also be adjusted by repainting blinds, rather than having to replace curtains to fit in with new wallpaper, or an overall decor for a room.

5. Freeing Up Light and Space

Freeing Up Light and Space
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Window blinds tend to be lighter and easier to fit into the space of a room. Heavy curtains can block out light, and lead to a room appearing much smaller than it actually is. Some blinds can be rolled out of sight completely, allowing small rooms to enjoy the benefit of more light and space. Similarly, installing vertically shaped blinds in a small bedroom can create the impression of height and space. Blinds also tend to be more flexible in terms of reducing the danger of accidents through window dressings. Hanging cords and ties are generally designed for blinds to be difficult to grab by small children, and can be clipped out of sight completely.

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