15 Cute Hello Kitty House with Pink Interior Decoration

I never thought that my cousin seriously realize her dream to build hello kitty house. In my view it is impossible to build house which is full of hello kitty characters. But she proves that she successfully build hello kitty themed house. Therefore, I come into her house to admire what it seems like. Outside of house is painted with pink color which symbolizes feminine sense. Horizontal stripes on outdoor wall arouse artistic view. Then I find hello kitty decoration on this wall. On terrace I see hello kitty stickers embellishing house. Courtyard is full of green view because there are many ornamental plants planted on it.

Fresh Hello Kitty House

Driveway on this cute hello kitty house functions as driveway that eases me to park my car when I visit her. Tough pillars on terrace are polished in white colors. On courtyard, I see untreated wood pot containing ornamental plant. I think it is natural sight that strengthens back to nature concept of courtyard. This two storey house seems simple but it is only suitable for girls of course. Left side of house is supplied with pink cantilever. Leafy greenery around house creates peaceful atmosphere here.

Charming Interior in Hello kitty house

hello kitty bedroom kids

I get inside house which is furnished with pink furniture and hello kitty decoration. White sofas with pink pads are embellished with hello kitty sofa cushions. White glass coffee table is put on Centre. Hello kitty curtain conceals window. I see there is ceiling light that enlighten this room. One side of breadboard is decorated with hello kitty wallpaper. There is wall TV setup on this wallpaper. Two drum floor lamps are set on this TV setup. Hidden light surrounding hello kitty wallpaper results impressive sight.

I come into bedroom which is furnished with cute canopy bed in white color. White quilt and pink pillows create harmonious sight in this bedroom. Hello kitty bed headboard I pink strengthen cute concept of bedroom. Silky drapes on this canopy bed looks so glaring. I see drum table lamps on white bedside tables. Dark laminate flooring looks glossy. It is adorned with pink rose mat. There is small hello kitty picture on wall as additional decoration. Whole cute hello kitty house design represents feminine sense of the owner.

Cute Hello Kitty House with Pink Interior Decoration

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