Top 3 Luxury Interior Design Items

Antilia, which is generally agreed as being the most valuable home in the world, is famous for luxury design features and the architectural excesses that only huge wealth can bring.

The Antilia home includes a number of helipads (as oppose to s single helipad, perhaps a reflection on the visitors social standing that frequent the house), established hanging gardens as well as a number of luxury interior design items that the less extravagant can also afford.

When looking to build on the beauty, unique style and decor of your home there are some luxury interior design items that you might want to consider – so let’s look at my top 3:

1. Custom Fireplace Mantels

luxury Custom Fireplace Mantels
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Fireplace Mantels
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Fireplace Mantel
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Working with highly talented, creative and specialist fireplace and mantel experts in the initial design, story boarding and development of a unique fireplace mantel can add not only a touch of your personality to your home but something desirable and value enhancing should you consider selling your property.

2. Home Gym

Home Gym
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Luxury Home Gym Design
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Home Gym Design
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Maximizing every space within your home will demonstrate to visitors the true variety and adaptability that your person space offers. A gym provides a great talking point as well as the health benefits from frequent usage.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows
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Ceiling Glass Windows
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Floor To Ceiling Glass Windows Design
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A wow factor that never fails to impress. Adding light to any space will always enhance any room whilst giving the impression of space, tranquility and bringing the outside space indoors.

When considering adding key interior design elements to your living space some key things to keep in mind include:

  • Functionality within your lifestyle and multiple users in the home
  • Value enhancement to the house as an entity
  • Practicality of the items with the multiple uses of your home

Futurity of the items and how time sensitive any styles may be