Minimalism In Interior Decorating: Towards Hybridism

A few years ago, minimalism was the most intended trend in interior design. But gradually, the name ceased to be pronounced. This does not mean that minimalism has ceased to exist as a trend but, as such, it is back in decline. It is for this reason that minimalism is not so-if you want to use a category philosofico-existentialist-cool.

Despite this, the minimalism is still with us. Maybe we do not hear as often as before because time is passing and it is imperative to create new-isms, but what minimalism is still ongoing today. Here are some of its features:

  • Abstraction
  • Economy of language and means
  • Austerity and lack of ornamentation
  • Purism structural and functional
  • Order
  • Geometry straight
  • Dematerialisation
  • Precision finishing
  • Summary and reductionism

Probably the main reason to mitigate the alleged minimalism has been to consider something cold, and if that / this happened because this ism appears to be the opposite of Baroque art: they are all two extremes.

The emergence of this trend in interior design has at least one very simple explanation: the first thing one sees on leaving home are buildings, cars, commercials, thousands of people, all different sizes, colors and shapes. The answer to this chaos is minimalism: order, austerity, simplicity and aesthetic purism. However, many prefer to return to live in a place “friendly” (as opposed to radical geometric space), which is perfectly logical.

The furniture in clear glass can be the best ally when trying to create a minimalist style and the best friend of man when it comes to optimizing space in small rooms: the transparency of glass creates an illusion dematerialization. In this case a table in clear glass is not intrusive, but rather suggestive and subtle.

But can we design a cabinet where two opposite styles of design (minimalism and the baroque) intersect? If the answer is yes, then a combination of materials is essential. In this case, the coffee table “Crystals” of which combines glass (modern equipment) and wood (classical, traditional and basic), expresses the possibility of such a combination.

Minimalist interior decor
Minimalist interior decor – Image Credit:

Obviously, this object can not possibly be seen as minimalist, much less despite the baroque details of parts that connect the wooden base with the top of the table or Oriental style. The only word I found to describe this object that seems to resist any categorization, is that “hybrid”. Many cieront quickly associated with the word biology, bioengineering, etc.. However, this term is also used in the literature.

The chronic Shipwrecks Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca (Jerez de la Frontera, 1507 – Seville, 1559) is now studied in literature and regarded as a hybrid. It is not surprising that this text belongs to the field of history has acquired a literary value. The challenge of this kind of texts that fall under the generic name of “Chronicles of India” was to find the form to tell something absolutely new, unprecedented in the models or codes existing literary .

If in the Spanish Golden Age “draw” in classical sources and prestige was paramount, then the originality of the work is important, but later the presence of literary sources in the work would be reevaluated in the context of concept of intertextuality, Juan Goytisolo, to quote another writer of the peninsula, a connoisseur of literary criticism, has used his fiction-the only literary model for the height was that of the Homeric Odyssey, what ‘Christopher Columbus made in his diary when he claimed to have seen a mythical creature during its passage through the Caribbean islands.

The richness of the hybrid relationship Shipwrecks is not in its classical sources, but in the fact that this text was written to be presented before the court would consider the biggest failure of the expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez. Therefore there is a “rhetorical intent” Álvar is not responsible for this failure. This is noted when Silvia Molloy said that “taking the helm” (“… and I took the helm … “Cabeza de Vaca wrote) is the symbolic moment when Álvar responsibility, when it becomes the center of the text and that he “approves”. The mixture of official document, the presence of history and historiography of medieval autobiographical dimension, the importance of evangelizing and I rate description of the logbook, which creates an illusion of simultaneity-is what makes it a full hybrid “In addition to the oscillations in the positions of identity of the narrator.

The value of hybrids is great, and they result very interesting because they represent a challenge for those who want to study, to identify the basic components and to determine what effect the combination of models, codes and intertexts.

We take the liberty to describe this coffee table “hybrid”. And for those who like new-isms we catalog this hybrid style. Whatever name we wish to give, it is a coffee table to be taken into account by lovers of rare objects.

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