20 Fascinating Interior Style for Stacked House

Living with a small family needs different interior style in the house compared with living alone as bachelor. The spacious room is needed to ensure the kids have enough space to play, study, or do their in house activity. The simple, sleek, and practical interior will work for this. Contemporary interior with its characteristics of simplicity give great ideas of composing the new concept of interior fit the small family needs.

Minimalist interior style is still popular for this design. The boxes like contemporary house with the bright neutral color can be the good design option for this modern house. It is completed with modern sleek kitchen, contemporary living room, and spacious room for other utilizations. Its large glass windows give the city view so that it looks brighter.

Interior stacked stone veneer wall panels
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The simple furniture design with solid color gives contrast accent to the interior. Living plants in the natural colored flowers pot will be the great decoration for this type of room. The white colored stair makes the view of this room become larger. The black couch in the corner of the room give an eye centered attention. A set of bright colored wooden table look well-adjusted with the color of the flooring. Terrace or verandah will look good in minimalist design composed with the simple furniture such as white chairs and living plant.

The design of this house definitely looks different than the others. So does, its interior. This new innovation will give the fresh ideas to the next stacked house interior design. It saves a lot of space yet still be interesting and unique. Simple interior style is best suited with those who think that functional and practical is more essential than the decorative function.

Fascinating Interior Style for Stacked House

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