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Stunning Private Residence Architecture with Modern Style

This year become a trend for private residence, where people prefer to keep their privacy and then build a special home or residence for them. Actually, this is not privacy at all, because people also share it with other members of family. The model of this kind of home is same with the others. Perhaps, the different only the environment around of land. Because it is private, some people try to seek developer of residence which provides more private land for them. Regardless from that matter, the interior, exterior, visualization, and facilities for main building is great. Even, it is a private model of home, there is still outside spot which can be used by people to enjoy their time. The outside spot can be more than one. Because there are swimming pool outside, semi outside dining room, and comfortable sundeck area. There is a lounge area which exists in outdoor too. The setting of main building is very modern. Where the owner design with some combinations of form and materials in order to get best architecture for their home.

Private Residence Architecture

Private Residence Architecture

Image Credit: Archdaily.com

Like what already mentioned before, that privacy become a priority, even there are still some outside spot which can be used by people. It seems like a combination between privacy and seeking of comfortable spot. It doesn’t become a matter, because the more priority is to get best comfortable house living. Then, regardless from that matter, especially about main design of residence it also becomes main priority too. People nowadays prefer to chose modern private residence to become their model of house living. The modern one already influences almost all of aspect in people’s life. It is including the design of house. However, modern become good alternative too, because something modern also provide something which is practice and private.

There is an example from this kind of residence, where people combine opens room and close room. The open room means there are some spots which semi outside like located in terrace or balcony. For the close room is like other room, where living room, dining room, bedroom, and etc located inside of home. Then, even there are some outside spots, the land around of that home already guaranteed that privacy still become priority, so there is no closed neighborhood around of home, and only fulfilled by some plants, trees, and other natural creatures. The main building itself also divided into two spaces, where inside and outside only separated by glass window and doors. Talking about furniture, it is same like other furniture which becomes main property of home.

Private Residence Environment

Private Residence Environment

Image Credit: Futuristarchitecture.com

The environment around of this place is tending to more private. Because of more private, it leads to the secure condition around of land and neighborhood. People who very busy with their works at office, sometimes prefer to chose this kind of house living model, because they can continues their works calmly, without any rush condition or noisy condition around of neighborhood. Private residence concept is suitable for people who want calm condition for their life and neighborhood.

Modern Style Residence Ideas

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