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How to Create an Office Space in Your Home

Whether you work from home, are attending college or just want a space to work on family business, a home office is essential. Without a home office, getting things done can be impossible due to various distractions. The key to a home office is to make sure that it is both practical and encourages productivity.

Choosing a Room to Use as a Home Office

Choosing a Room to Use as a Home Office

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You want a home office to be big enough to be comfortable, but small enough to be cozy. The room you choose should be clean and well-lit. Having a lot of natural light can greatly increase productivity. You also want to choose a room with minimal distractions.

A spare bedroom or den is a popular choice. These rooms are usually big enough to create an adequate home office space. You just want to make sure that this room becomes only a home office space. For example, if it doubles as a spare bedroom, this can cause problems when you have guest spending a few days with you. You also do not want a bed in your home office because it can make taking a nap very tempting, even when you do not have the time to catch a few Zzzs.

Creating a Work Atmosphere

Creating a Work Atmosphere

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You want to be able to step into your office and feel ready to work. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to be organized. Lots of shelving and storage space are important for keeping things organized and neat. Walking into a messy and unorganized office will just cause stress and procrastination.

You want the room to be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Simple, but colorful art adds energy and personality to a home office. They also add some spark to the walls, so that you can keep the room a place where you want to be. A few trinkets and small decorative pieces on your desk and shelves also work to accomplish this.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the Right Furniture

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You need furniture that represents you and your intentions for the office. A desk with a good chair is the first pieces of furniture to consider. If you are working full-time out of your home, you will likely want a desk that is a bit larger to accommodate everything you need to get work done. You will want to be able to place your computer, a lamp or two, a few small pictures and other decorative pieces, a small filing system and a place to write and place books.

Your office chair should be comfortable since you will be spending a lot of time in it. Something that is the right height for your desk, has cushion and supports your back is essential.

Comfortable desk for home office

Comfortable desk for home office

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A small love seat or couch is nice to have for times when you can kick back a bit and get some simpler work done. You will want some lighting around this too, such as a floor lamp.

Shelves and storage are critical. Built-in shelves are always a good idea and can often be done using simple DIY methods.

You also want to ensure that there is adequate lighting in your home office, especially if you do not get a lot of natural light. Nothing induces fatigue more than darkness. An overhead light in the center of the room and a few lamps placed throughout the space will be sufficient.

Getting the Right Design

Getting the Right Design

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You want a space that keeps you awake and inspires you. A clean and bright space will accomplish this. When choosing a paint color, go for something cozy, but energizing. Good choices include muted yellows, lavender, muted oranges and off-white. You want to avoid blue, as it is a very calming color and can actually make you too calm to be productive. You also want to avoid stark white as it is too sterile to be cozy.

You just want your floor to match your wall scheme. A wood floor brings a touch of nature in which can be a great balance with lots of natural light. Wood also complements just about any color you could choose.

Arrange your furniture in a way that is fitting to the space. For example, if your chosen room is large, them placing the desk right in the middle will work. However, if the space is small, it is a good idea to put the desk on a wall to conserve space.

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